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Jax Best Road Race: Gate River Run | River City Live

The Gate River Run, an annual 15K running event that attracts both recreational and competitive runners, is your pick for Jacksonville’s  Best Road Race.

River City Live host Eden Kendall wasn’t surprised. She’s run the race several times, and looks forward to it every year. For that reason, she was excited to present the Jax Best plaque to Race Director, Doug Alred. He owns 1st Place Sports where, at it’s Baymeadows location, a lot of Gate River Run memorabilia is displayed.

Eden spoke with  Doug about the race’s rich history. “April 1 1978 was the first race. About 2500 people lined up and ran for the first one. The distance was 15k.., it actually started and finished on Coastline Drive, which was right where the Landing was . That was before the Landing and now the Landing is gone!”

In a year where most large events were cancelled, the 2021 Gate River Run still happened.  " And we’re very fortunate that we could do it because you know, we actually probably one of the big events who did not miss a year so that really worked out well.” Doug went on to say that he hopes that in the coming year the post race festivities can return.

Speaking of next year, the date for 2022′s Gate River Run has been announced. It will happen on March 5, 2022.