Fans catching foul balls for outs? No walks allowed? Rules for this baseball team are bananas

Savannah Bananas aren’t shy about being different in trying to liven up baseball

Contributed photo.
Contributed photo. (Savannah Bananas)

Baseball purists will look at all this and cringe.

Those who are anything but baseball purists will nod with approval and line up at the ticket booth.

But whatever the viewpoint, there can’t be much of an argument that this type of baseball is bananas.

The Savannah Bananas, a baseball organization located in Savannah, Georgia, has come up with some unusual alterations to the game in an effort to entertain fans.

Bunting or walks? Nope, they’re not allowed.

Mound visits being prohibited? Yep, that’s the case.

Fouls ball that can be caught by fans for outs? Believe or not, yes, that is a rule.

Those are a part of the team’s nine “Banana Ball” rules, which are, as follows, in order:

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