Jacksonville artist starts campaign to help homeless residents

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville artist and designer started a campaign to help homeless people in the River City.

Jai Phifer started the Care Containers campaign last month.

“It’s just kind of a small way to say, ‘Hey, somebody still cares out there,’” explained Phifer.

Each container is packed with the basic necessities.

“We have the hygiene products, snacks, masks, which of course everyone needs right now,” explained Phifer. “They also have a small encouraging note from me and a custom bracelet from my line as well.”

Phifer said she came up with the idea after her pastor shared a message encouraging people to help one person a day. Her goal is to create 100 boxes in 30 days.

“My goal is to leave a lasting impression,” said Phifer. “If someone is walking around with the bracelet or that note in their back pocket and it’s just a small thing they can keep with them, then I believe I’ve made my desired impact.”

As Phifer strives to make an impact in Jacksonville, she encouraged others to do the same around the world.

“Let’s come together to do something that means something,” said Phifer.

To follow her campaign, visit her Facebook page.

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