Mystery solved: Beekeeper identifies ‘weird, brown stuff’ falling on Northside

Beekeeper believes it’s ‘insect poo’

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – What’s described as “weird, brown stuff” that’s falling on cars and driveways in the Cedarbrook community on Jacksonville’s Northside has left residents scratching their heads.

But a beekeeper believes he’s solved the mystery.

“I do believe it is insect poo from, possibly, honeybees,” said Michael Leach, a beekeeper with Bee Friends Farm. “This time of year, these bees are most active. We’re entering in the peak time of the spring, and the bees are flying every day, looking for pollen and nectar for their food sources.”

Leach told News4Jax this happens all over. He said bees are very hygienic and will not defecate within their colonies. They use the restroom, if you will, while in flight.

“There’s most likely a large colony or multiple colonies in the area that are causing this,” Leach said. “Sometimes when colonies get an infection called Nosema, it causes dysentery, and they can’t hold it, and it actually just comes out freely, randomly.”

Leach said people should not be worried about this.

“No, this is totally a natural event,” he said.

Cedarbrook resident Victoria Nunnally was relieved to hear that.

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