Improve your posture and make your back happy with Shark Tank featured back support system

With over $1 million raised on Shark Tank, sit comfortably while you work. (BetterBack)

Besides creating a big pain in the back for many middle-aged people, poor posture can lead to other serious medical conditions, such as problems with the GI, incontinence, and respiratory issues.

People who sit at a desk all day for their job may be more prone to these medical conditions caused by bad posture and they could benefit from the BetterBack™ Luxe Posture Support, now on sale for a limited time at $49.99.

Featured on the popular T.V. show, Shark Tank, the BetterBack Luxe Posture Support features NASA engineered memory foam, giving you ultra sitting comfort. It also has slip-resistant knee pads which will prevent it from sliding up when worn on the knee and flexible custom webbing straps so that you can get a custom ergonomic fit.

You don’t have to use the BetterBack Posture Support all day if you don’t want to; wearing it for just 15 minutes a day while you watch TV, travel, study, game and even meditate will retrain your body’s default posture, so when you stand or sit without BetterBack, your posture is greatly improved.

With over 16,000 supporters on a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, BetterBack has now received an average of 4.3/5 stars on Amazon with happy customers leaving reviews such as, “This product is amazing. I have arthritis in my back and have had injections for pain. Since using BetterBack for 30 minutes per day, my back has improved immensely.”

BetterBack is made from ridiculously high-quality material and has a water-resistant shell so it will last you for years, and costs less than a single doctor’s visit, massage, or chiropractic adjustment.

If you know that you have bad posture, don’t wait until it sends you to the doctor office, now is the perfect time to start improving your posture and with the BetterBack Posture Support on sale now for only $49.99, your back can’t afford to miss it.

Prices subject to change.